Dayton Hamvention

HARA Convention Complex
Dayton, Ohio

Five Days In May

Flying over the Dayton Hamvention.

Flea Market on the left.      Vendor parking next to the buildings on the right.      Attendee parking on the far right.

Each building holds a convention hall crammed with exhibitors and forums (and 28,000 ham radio operators).

Dayton has been a series of wonderful experiences and ham memories over the years. My first "Dayton" was 1975. I had seen the pictures in QST of transistors in bushel baskets for $2 a pound and I wanted to see for myself. I still have a few of those transistors to this day. Attendance was 12,000. We parked on the west side next to the arena. The flea market extended only to the power pole with the gas valve. It made a lasting impression.

I made it every year since if at all possible. Business trips scheduled conveniently around the Dayton weekend, training classes, frequent flyer miles, space-available flights, bummed hotel rooms and car rides are all part of getting to Dayton. For a ham there is nothing like Dayton. Nothing.

Come on down and take a look...

Picture Gallery

Ready for Dayton
Admission Ticket available for easy viewing by Security Headset connected to 450 Rig for communicating with buddies DXPedition T-shirt Push-to-talk button for HT Belt pack holding HT, money, notebook for writing down space numbers Clip on sunglasses for being able to rapidly go from sun to shadow Backpack for carrying new treasures Backpack for goodies, water, raincoat Silly grin because you're going to ham MECCA!
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Dayton 2001 Pictures

- Giant Picture of Crowd in the Arena

- Snapshots at the Flea Market

- PSK Mobile in Motion setup

- PSK Forum

- Don, W0DM and Bill, W6OAV Snapshots

- Ron, KZ7P and XYL Sandy

Dayton 2000 Pictures


More Snapshots Yet - For Those Who Can't Get Enough

The Dayton Hamvention Web Page

Dayton Trivia:

Where did the name HARA come from? Answer: Two brothers, Harry and Ray, own the complex. Harry owns the buildings and Ray owns the parking lots. They combined their names to form the name HARA!